Welcome to La Flamme

More than 100 years ago Germanic (German/French) farmers from the region Alsace used to have a baking day once a week. The tarte flambée was originally used to test the temperature/heat of their wood-fired ovens. The tarte flambée is a very thinly rolled out dough, which is topped with crème fraîche or fromage blanc, thin-cutted onions and bacon. Within just a few minutes the farmers could create a simple and a very delicious homemade dish “the tarte flambée”. 


In our menu, you will find everything from the delicious Alsatian original to the sweet tarte flambée - from the vegetarian to the vegan variations - thin tarte flambée baked directly in the stone oven.


Vincitore Boulevard, Arjan, Al Barsha South

Dubai, UAE

Sunday through Saturday

10 AM to 11 PM

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