Our Story

More than 100 years ago Germanic (German/French) farmers from the region Alsace used to have a baking day once a week. The tarte flambée was originally used to test the temperature/heat of their wood-fired ovens. The tarte flambée is a very thinly rolled out dough, which is topped with crème fraîche or fromage blanc, thin-cutted onions and bacon. Within just a few minutes the farmers could create a simple and a very delicious homemade dish “the tarte flambée”.

There are many names used for the tarte flambée, which depends on the region and their dialects. The tarte flambée is French, Flammkuchen in German and Flammekueche in Alsatian. But all these names mean “pie baked in the flames”. It’s simple, quick, tasty and healthy. You can have it spicy, sweet, vegetarian or vegan and share it with friends and family. 



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At “La Flamme” we serve the tarte flambée true to original, divided into 6 or 8 pieces on a wooden board. The principal of “La Flamme” is simple: “Here you come together and enjoy”. Our restaurants provide our guests convivial gatherings to dine with family, friends and colleagues in a relaxed atmosphere and a cozy ambience. At “La Flamme” you will find the best crispy golden brown baked tarte flambée, with more than 50 possible creations, also vegan, vegetarian, sweet and spicy. Everyone will find their favorite tarte flambée, served hot and fresh from the oven.